tvOS 12 Beta 2 Allows Setting HomePod as Permanent Audio Out Device

tvOS 12 Beta 2 Allows Setting HomePod as Permanent Audio Out Device

Alongside iOS 12 beta 2, Apple also released the second beta of tvOS 12 with Dolby Atmos support earlier this week. Unlike iOS 12 and watchOS 5, tvOS 12 is a relatively minor upgrade that only brings about some notable new improvements. One such improvement which has now been discovered in tvOS 12 beta 2 is the ability to set HomePod as a permanent audio out source on the Apple TV.

This essentially means that if an Apple TV owner wishes to, they can permanently use the HomePod as an audio out device. The feature was missing from the first beta of tvOS 12. The option to set the HomePod as the default speaker on the Apple TV can be found under Video and Audio Settings.

If you keep your HomePod right below your TV, this feature will definitely come in handy. The sound quality of the HomePod has been widely regarded as its key strength so if you use it as your primary audio out device with your Apple TV, your ears would be in for a treat. What’s even better is that this setup will work if you have a stereo pair of HomePod which means you will get proper stereo separation and even better sound quality.

Do note that since there’s no beta release of iOS 12 for the HomePod, using tvOSĀ 12 beta 2 to set the HomePod as your default speaker will break Siri functionality on the smart speaker. But then, Siri on the HomePod is not that useful either.

[Via Reddit]

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