Valve Releases New Steam Link Beta for iOS and Apple TV [Updated]

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Despite Apple not releasing the Steam Link app for iOS on the App Store citing business conflict, Valve has not given up on the app as it has released a new beta of the app on TestFlight. The new beta is not accompanied by any changelog so it is unlikely that Valve has made any major changes to the app with this release.

After denying the Steam Link app from the iOS App Store, Apple’s Phil Schiller provided more details behind the company’s refusal to list the app on its app store. The executive revealed that in its current form, the Steam Link app violates a number of guidelines “around user generated content, in-app purchases, content codes, etc.”

While this was definitely disappointing to hear, the good news was that Schiller also revealed that Apple was working with Valve to bring the app to iOS and Apple TV. Apple also updated the App Store guidelines following the unveiling of iOS 12 last week at WWDC which explicitly lays down the ground rule for apps like Steam Link. It says that such apps may allow users to access content, subscriptions, and features acquired from elsewhere, but these items should also be available as an in-app purchase option inside the app. Additionally, they cannot have a store-like interface.

The Steam Link app from Valve brings your entire Steam library to your iPhone or iPad. Using the app, you could stream games from your PC to your iPhone and iPad and play them from the comfort of your couch. The app, however, requires that your PC and iOS device are on the same network, with the iPhone or iPad being on a 5GHz network for optimum performance.

While the Steam Link app has not yet made its way to the App Store, a new beta release of the app points to the company not abandoning the app which bodes well for its future. Are you disappointed that Valve’s Steam Link app still has not made it to the iOS App Store?

Update: Valve has removed the ability to purchase games from the Steam Link app thereby adhering to one of Apple’s App Store guidelines. It looks like the company is working on improving the Steam Link app to meet Apple’s requirements for an eventual release.

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