Verizon Adds ‘Above Unlimited’, its Third Unlimited Option

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Up until today, Verizon had two plans offering unlimited data, but now the company has decided a third was a necessary addition.

On Thursday, Verizon Wireless officially unveiled its third unlimited plan, what it calls “Above Unlimited”, which will go live on June 18. This is the most expensive option (so far), starting at $95 per month for a single line — or the first line in a family account. After that, each subsequent line will drop in the per-month price, down to $60 per month for the fourth line and beyond.

For that price increase you get “premium unlimited 4G LTE data”, which Verizon says won’t get throttled even in congested periods unless a user has used or surpassed 75GB of data in a month. Compare that with the Beyond Unlimited plan, which can get throttled at 22GB of data used in a month, if the network gets congested in the user’s area.

Meanwhile, the Above Unlimited plan also offers unlimited talk and text, 5 TravelPasses per month which can be used in 130 different countries around the world, unlimited mobile hotspot data (20 GB of which is 4G LTE), and 500GB of Verizon’s cloud storage. One other thing to note: This plan caps video streaming at 720p.

Verizon is also going to let subscribers mix-and-match these plans from this point on. So you can apply the cheapest unlimited plan, Go Unlimited, to a line that doesn’t use a lot of data per month, and then use Above Unlimited for the line that is the most data hungry.

What do you think of this new plan?

Our Take

That’s a price hike to basically get a bigger safety net from potential throttling, 500GB of cloud storage you might not use (unless you really don’t want to pay for iCloud, or use any of the other popular options out there), and 5 TravelPasses. Whether or not it’s worth that is going to come down to each individual. But I don’t see Above Unlimited taking off.

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