watchOS 5 Drops Apple Watch Series 0 Support

watchOS 5 Drops Apple Watch Series 0 Support

Apple today announced watchOS 5 with a more powerful Siri watch face, Walkie-Talkie, an improved Health app, and more. There’s a lot to like about watchOS 5 and it is commendable how rapidly Apple has been improving the OS which has, in turn, helped make Apple Watch so popular.

But there’s also a bad news for a certain bunch of Apple Watch users. While iOS 12 does not drop support for any of the older iPhones, the same is not the case with watchOS 5. Apple has dropped support for Apple Watch Series 0 with watchOS 5, and yes, this also includes the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition. All other Apple Watch variants and series including Series 1, 2, and 3 continue to be supported by the latest release of the OS.

The first-generation Apple Watch was released in April 2015 and Apple had discontinued it in September 2016. The wearable had already reached the point of being unusable with watchOS 4 so it is not surprising that Apple decided to drop support for it with the latest release of the OS. This is not surprising as well since the Series 0 Apple Watch featured a single-core processor.

Do you still use an Apple Watch Series 0? Or have you already upgraded to Series 3?

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