2018 iPad Pro CAD Render Reportedly Confirms New Smart Connector Location

Later this year, the iPad Pro is reportedly going to get upgraded, with a slew of new additions rumored to be coming down the pipe.

A new image shared on Twitter by serial leaker @OnLeaks indicates that previous rumors are starting to line up, and we may indeed see some distinct changes with the new iPad Pro models later this year. Along with the image, @OnLeaks includes a bit of text that reads as such:

“Just got my hands on a purported 2018 iPad Pro CAD showing a unknown thing located on the back of the tablet… NB: I can’t confirm the accuracy of that CAD I share for discussion purposes only because of that weird and yet unexplained detail…”

As the leaker posits, there is always some chance that this is indeed not the real deal, and this could be indicative of nothing at all. Especially not something that Apple actually plans on launching later this year. However, it is also possible that it is a quick look at what’s coming, so it’s worth checking out.

More than anything, though, it follows on the footsteps of a report over the weekend that said Apple is planning on making some noteworthy changes to the new iPad Pro lineup. Namely, that the company will be dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack from the tablet family, a move that would reflect Apple’s dropping of the port with the iPhone a couple of years ago now.

That same report also echoed sentiments that Apple will introduce smaller bezels on the iPad Pro lineup, following with the design decision with the iPhone X. It also suggested that Apple will be moving the Smart Connector –which allows for the connection of some accessories to the iPad Pro– which this latest leaked CAD image seems to confirm is indeed the case.

Still, as it stands, we don’t know anything official just yet. Apple is likely going to host its late-2018 hardware event in early September. At that time, we should see new MacBook models, a redesigned Apple Watch Series 4, and three new iPhone models.

Our Take

Based on the rumors and leaks regarding the iPad Pro lineup planned for 2018, are you already planning on picking one up? The smaller bezels make a new tablet a major consideration for this writer this year. I may even pick up the 12.9-inch model again. I had it originally, but it just felt unwieldy. With smaller bezels I doubt that will be an issue.

[via @OnLeaks]