These Are the Best iPhone Photos Taken in 2018

iPhone 8 Plus showing logo and camera island

The iPhone Photography Awards aims to highlight and promote iPhone photography by selecting the best photos submitted to them every year and promoting them. The awards also do a great job at highlight just how capable iPhone cameras have become.

The awards started 11 years ago as a hobby by Kenan Aktulun, and it has now become a prestigious award to win among iPhone photographers.

“I started the awards as a hobby when I got my first iPhone. I’ve been doing photography and working in the user experience design field for long time. I was fascinated by changing user behavior with the introduction of the iPhone. Almost every iPhone user I observed was using the camera for capturing moments. They were not necessarily thinking about photography but taking snapshots of the moments that meant something to them. My idea was to create a platform to celebrate the creativity of the iPhone users.”

This year, the awards received submissions from iPhone photographers from over 140 countries. The grand prize of the coveted Photographer of the Year was given to Jashim Salam, a documentary photographer based out of Bangladesh.

Photographer of the year

Salam shot the above photo using an iPhone 8. It captures the moment of Rohingya children watching an awareness film about health and sanitation.

The first place of Photographer of the Year award went to Alexandre Weber, an anthropologist studying the history of arts. He took the below photo with his iPhone 6s in Brazil.

Photographer of the year

There are 18 other categories in the IPPAWARDS with a winner being declared in each category. You can check out all the winners and their winning entries over at the official website of the awards.

The popularity of the iPhone Photography Awards can be understood from the fact that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to congratulate all the winners.

The excellent imaging performance of iPhones over the years have led them to become a key tool in a photographer’s arsenal. It has even allowed the common man to get creative and try their hands in photography.