Apple Customers in Singapore Reporting Fraudulent iTunes Charges Running Into Hundreds of Dollars

A number of iPhone and iPad owners are reporting unauthorized transactions in their Apple account for which they have been billed hundreds of dollars by iTunes. The unauthorized transactions have led to hundreds of dollars being wiped out from the bank account of the affected customers. 

All the customers affected by this fraudulent activity had a bank account at DBS and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC). The latter bank alone has reported over 58 such fraudulent cases in July.

“In early July, we detected and investigated unusual transactions on 58 cardholders’ accounts. Upon confirmation that these were fraudulent transactions, we deployed the necessary counter-measures and are currently assisting the affected cardholders via the chargeback process,” said Mr Vincent Tan, head of credit cards at OCBC Bank.

Each fraudulent transaction was for S$112.03, with multiple such transactions being done via a single account. All such transactions show up on the credit card or phone bill or bank statement as iTunes orders.

Apple Singapore is already aware of the situation and it has nullified all such transactions. In some cases, the issue of fraudulent transactions has occurred multiple times over the months with a single person despite Apple being informed about it. A senior Apple advisor informed an affected customer that the unauthorized transactions in his account were made by another iCloud account holder.

From what it looks like, hackers or a rogue app is using some loophole to make unauthorized transactions and rob people of their hard earned money. Thankfully, Apple Singapore and the local banks are co-operating with affected customers and letting them have their money back. It is also recommended that you enable two-factor authentication for your Apple account if you have not already.

[Via Channel News Asia]