Apple Pay May Launch in Austria in the Coming Months

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Apple Pay is one of Apple’s more lucrative ventures, with the mobile payment option seeing impressive adoption numbers across the United States and the rest of the world, too.

But there are still some regions where the option isn’t available, like Austria. However, according to a new report this week from derStandard, that may be changing some time this year. The report indicates that Payment Services Austria (PSA) is currently in negotiations with Apple on behalf of the banking establishments in Austria. PSA confirmed the talks with Apple to the publication, however didn’t have anything to add regarding a launch date for the mobile payment platform in Austria just yet.

As is the case with the majority of other areas in Europe, contactless payment options are readily available, so the adoption of Apple Pay should go smoothly enough for Apple if the service does eventually launch in Austria. What’s more, banking establishments like UniCredit in Italy, are also available in Austria, so it seems reasonable that UniCredit would also support Apple Pay in the new region as well.

Apple Pay is always on an expansion course, with the most recent new market being Norway and Poland. It is also launching in the Czech Republic soon.

Apple Pay is one of the more popular mobile payment options out there, but, at least as far as Starbucks is concerned, it isn’t the most popular. A recent report indicated that for purchases at the gigantic coffee chain, its proprietary mobile app is the most popular way for folks to pay for their drinks. Of course, you can use Apple Pay to recharge the digital Starbucks gift card used to buy products, but you can’t actually even use Apple Pay to buy things directly.

Our Take

Apple Pay’s ease of use is one of the best reasons to use the service. And with so many ways it can be used to boost convenience, it makes it even better. For instance, we recently heard about the ability to use Apple Pay to buy concession goods while at concerts to avoid the lines. This is how Apple Pay helps become the go-to standard for buying just about everything. Convenience and accessibility and options.

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