Apple Releases Three New Football-Themed ‘Shot on iPhone’ Videos

iPhone 8 Plus showing logo and camera island

Apple today shared three new ‘Shot on iPhone’ short films with football as their primary theme continuing the trend which it kickstarted with the start of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The three videos were shot in Australia, Japan, and Berlengas Island in Portugal.

The first video shows Aborigine girls playing football in the ‘Heart of Australia.’ They use the sport as a way to create new opportunities for themselves.

The second ad titled ‘The ‘Wa’ of Soccer’ shows a group of monks in Japan playing football to stay fit and respect the ‘wa’.

The ‘Wa’ of Soccer. A soccer match is an embodiment of life’s struggles in 90 minutes. A group of monks play to connect with the local community, keep fit, and respect the ‘wa’ — the peaceful unity and conformity within a social group.

The third video shows Baleal and Peniche football team traveling to the Berlengas islands off the coast of Portugal to play football on a neutral land as both teams refuse to play on the other’s pitch.

Berlengas Island Cup 2018. Rival teams refuse to play on the other’s pitch. They agree to play on neutral territory, the Berlengas islands off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, seven miles from the mainland. The Berlengas Island Cup 2018 hosts Baleal vs. Peniche. It’s a historic match to decide who is champion of the sea and soccer pitch.

Apart from their story and how football plays an important part in the life of many people, it goes without saying that Apple has also released these videos to show off the video recording capabilities of the iPhones. The company does not mention which iPhone it used to shot these videos, but it is likely that they were shot from either an iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Apple has been running its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign right since it launched the iPhone 6 in 2014. It uses the ads and videos released under the campaign to highlight the imaging prowess of its latest iPhones.