Videos Show Behind-The-Scenes Look at Repair Process for iPhone X, iMac Pro, and MacBook Pro

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It isn’t a secret that Apple prides itself on being a pretty secretive company, especially when it comes to how things work behind-the-scenes.

One such area is the repair process for its range of products. But a series of new videos that have been published recently aims to shed some light on how Apple goes about its repair process for the iPhone X, the iMac Pro, and the MacBook Pro. The videos were first discovered by a Reddit user that goes by “turnby”. A subsequent report from Motherboard indicates that there are 11 videos in total, with some talking about how to open up the iPhone X, and goes on to add how you can replace the battery in the smartphone, too.

The other videos include 3D Touch recalibration, customer data migration from MacBook Pro machines, repair processes for the iPhone X’s camera and speaker, and how to repair the display panel on the 2017 iMac Pro. That last one is a bit interesting, considering that it was shortly after the iMa Pro’s launch that a YouTuber cataloged the ways that the Apple repair process actually broke his iMac Pro.

The videos were uploaded to YouTube a month ago, and were initially listed as private. That is probably one of the reasons they were able to be discovered at all, even all this time later. Considering what these videos show it is likely that Apple will be working on getting them pulled from the website altogether very soon.

Which means you should probably go ahead and take a look at the videos we’ve embedded below if you want to check them out before they’re gone.

Here are the videos:

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