Best Buy Offering $50 Discount on Apple Watch, iPad Pro; Up to $350 on MacBook Pro

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Amazon’s Prime Day sale might not be offering heavy discounts on Apple products, but worry not as Best Buy has you covered. The retailer is running a Big Deals Days and an Apple Shopping event where it is offering hefty discounts on the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch Series 3.

The deals below are among the best you will find during this time of the year so if you have been holding out on buying an Apple product for quite some time now, this is perhaps the best time to pull the trigger.

MacBook Air

Depending on the MacBook Air model you decide, you can get a discount of anywhere between $100 to $150. For the 13-inch MacBook Air, Best Buy is offering a flat $100 discount. This brings the base variant of the device down to $899.99 which is a pretty sweet price. Other variants of the laptop also see a similar discount.


2017 MacBook Pro

If you don’t mind buying the 2017 MacBook Pro, Best Buy is offering a $100 discount across the lineup as well. However, I will strongly recommend against this deal as the 2017 MacBook Pro is significantly inferior in terms of performance to the latest 2018 variant by a fair margin. If you are short of money, you should wait for a few more weeks as you will then be able to score an even better deal on the 2017 MacBook Pro as most retailers will try to get rid of its stock as soon as possible.

On certain 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro variants, you can get a discount of up to $350. However, this discount is only applicable if you buy the device from Best Buy’s online store.

Students can get an additional $50 discount by showing an eligible ID card. This is true for all deals offered by Best Buy on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineup.


Apple Watch Series 3

Apple might be planning an Apple Watch Series 4 for later this year with a bigger screen, but that does not mean the Apple Watch Series 3 is outdated. If you are looking to pick one up, Best Buy is offering a $50 discount on most of the models. The cheapest Apple Watch Series 3 you can pick up due to this deal is the 38mm Silver Aluminium Case with Fog Sport band for $279.


iPad Pro

For students, Best Buy is offering a $50 discount on the iPad Pro. To get the $50 discount, you will have to sign up on the landing page linked below after which you will receive a coupon code in your inbox.


iPhone 6s and iPhone 7

You will get a discount of up to $200 towards an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus if you activate a new monthly installment plan on your carrier along with it. You should be able to find better deals on older iPhones like the iPhone 7 along with newer ones like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in a few weeks from now, so my recommendation will be to avoid this one for now.


Are you going to take advantage of this 2-day sale from Best Buy and buy an Apple product? If so, which one is it? Drop a comment and let us know!