HomePod Will Gain Support for Phone Calls, Find My iPhone, Multiple Timers with OS 12 Update


Apple might have been slow to the smart speaker game with the HomePod but the coming is working behind the scenes to add all major missing features to it. With the OS 12 update for the HomePod, Apple will add support for native phone call support to its smart speaker.

Currently, an iPhone user has to start a voice call on their phone and then switch the audio input to HomePod. Post the HomePod OS 12 update though, they will be able to directly use the HomePod to initiate a call. The feature will require your iPhone to be connected to the speaker since the latter will make use of its cellular connection for the call.

Another notable feature that HomePod will gain with OS 12 is support for “Find My iPhone” command. Using the command, one will be able to use Siri on the HomePod to locate their lost iPhone, though it will require that your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To ensure all Wi-Fi woes on the HomePod are easily fixable, Apple is going to add a new “fix Wi-Fi” feature in the HomePod that will automatically connect the smart speaker to the same network your iPhone is connected to. As of now, one needs to reset their HomePod if they wish to change the Wi-Fi network it is connected to.

A small but notable feature that will be a part of HomePod’s OS 12 update is the ability to handle multiple timers. For some reason, Apple’s smart speaker is currently capable of handling only one timer.

Apart from this, Apple will also improve support for other languages on the HomePod and add Spanish language support while at it.

Apple employees are currently testing the beta HomePod OS 12 update on their HomePod, and it is likely that we will see the company provide details about this update at its September iPhone event.

[Via iGeneration]