iOS 12 Adds ‘Copy Link’ Feature for Sharing Photos using iCloud URL in Photos App

iOS 12 Photos App For You Tab

Apple is making it easier for users to quickly share photos in their Photos app on their iPhone in the latest iOS 12 beta. As discovered by a Redditor, the share sheet in the latest iOS 12 beta shows a ‘Copy Link’ option when you try and share a photo.

Using the ‘Copy Link’ option generates an iCloud URL which you can then share with your friends or family. The URL is valid for 30 days, and it offers the users to view the shared photos as well as download it. The photos are shared with their proper EXIF data including their location information, the device they were taken from, photo’s name, and more.

iOS 12 Photo Sharing iCLoud

The ‘Copy Link’ shows up when you try to share one or multiple photos from the Photos app in iOS 12. Sharing the said link in the Messages app will also display a preview of the picture being shared.

While a small change, this feature will make sharing photos easier in iOS 12 for a lot of users. Another positive side effect of this change is that users will be able to share their photos in its original high-resolution state without any downscaling. It is unclear if the space taken by the shared photos will count against your iCloud storage quota or not.

[Via Reddit]

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