Latest iOS 12 Beta Confirms HomePod Will Soon Support Phone Calls

iOS 12 adds support for phone calls with the HomePod

Back in June, it was reported that Apple was planning on bringing another oft-requested feature to its first smart speaker, the HomePod.

At the time, the report indicated that the HomePod would be gaining quite a few different features once iOS 12 arrives later this year. Those features included the addition of multiple timers, Find My iPhone, and the ability to support phone calls, too. Of course, at the time nothing was confirmed and it was just a rumor, but it looks like Apple has let the cat out of the bag.

Following the seed of the fifth developer of iOS 12 on Monday, it has been confirmed that Apple does indeed plan on adding support for phone calls with its smart speaker at some point in the near future. The setup screen for the HomePod includes a section where you must “Enable Personal Requests”, which, with iOS 11.4, includes things like reading text messages, create notes, add reminders, and more.

However, with the iOS 12 developer beta, that splash screen now includes the addition of “make phone calls”. That’s all it says for now, though. And while it does get added to the mix with the iOS 12 beta, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will have the feature ready to go for the public when the software goes live in late September. Still, it seems like a good guess that Apple is expecting this to be available for customers at some point during the release schedule of iOS 12.

It is also worth pointing out that the HomePod is updated when iOS receives its public updates, so it’s not possible to actually test out the feature just yet, even with the developer beta being out there.

Are you looking forward to the addition of this feature?

Our Take

This is one of those features that probably should have been available to HomePod owners right out of the gate, but, as we mentioned in our multiple-step review of the smart speaker, Apple’s first attempt may have missed a few important cues, but the sound quality of the accessory makes it worth the wait for some of these things.

What else would you like to see Apple add to the mix?

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