iOS App Store Generated Double the Revenue of Google Play Despite Half As Many Downloads

iOS App Store Generated Double the Revenue of Google Play Despite Half As Many Downloads

The latest report from Sensor Tower estimates that the iOS App Store raked in nearly double the money when compared to the Google Play Store in the first half of the year. While iOS users spent nearly $22.6 billion on the App Store in the first six months of 2018 which is nearly 1.9x times of what users spent on the Google Play Store.

It is important to note that the numbers for the iOS App Store include revenue generated from China. The Google Play Store is not available in China, which is a major market for Apple.

App Revenue Worldwide H1, 2018

Overall, worldwide app installs for the first half of 2018 reached staggering 51 billion, an increase of 11.3 percent from last year. Out of this though, Google Play accounted for 36 billion app downloads, while the App Store accounted for 15 billion downloads.

Despite Google Play accounting for more than 2.4x more app downloads than the iOS App Store, it was Apple’s platform which generated more revenue. As Sensor Tower puts it, the iOS App Store “earned more than double the revenue of Google’s with fewer than half as many downloads.”

App Downloads Worldwide, H1, 2018

The top four list of the most downloaded app across both platforms was dominated by Facebook, with WhatsApp sitting at the top followed by Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram.

The numbers point to iOS users spending 26.8 percent more money on the App Store this year than they did last year during the same time period. As for Google Play, that number stands at 29.7 percent. And yet, the latter could not generate even half the revenue of the iOS App Store.

In-app game spending continues to remain popular among consumers are they spent a combined $26.6 billion in games which accounts for about 78 percent of the total money spent on apps and games by users on both platforms. iOS users spent $16.3 billion in the first half of this year thereby posting a YoY increase of 15.1 percent. Google Play, for comparison, accounted for $10.3 billion in spending thereby marking a 26 percent increase in user spending.

There’s a lot more interesting data in today’s report published by Sensor Tower so make sure to check it out by hitting the source link below.

[Via Sensor Tower]

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