iPhone X Plus Will Likely Support iPad-Like Landscape App Support

iPhone X Plus in portrait mode

Taking advantage of screen real estate is important, especially when companies like Apple are shrinking bezels and offering up more of it.

Unfortunately, while the iPhone X technically offers a larger display than the iPhone 8, it handles the software the same way as the smaller handset. And thanks to a new report from iHelpBR, it looks like that will be the same case this year, when Apple gets around to launching new iPhone models. But if you opt for the oft-rumored larger model iPhone X Plus, it looks like you should expect a similar situation to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Specifically, the publication was able to force the iOS simulator along with iOS 12 and Xcode to run at a resolution of 1242×2688 –what the iPhone X Plus’s 6.5-inch display is rumored to feature– to test some situations out. They opened individual apps to see how they would look on each device’s hypothetical screen size. (Well, not so much hypothetical with the iPhone X’s successor, which is expected not to change anything.)

In portrait, the apps behave the same, but obviously there is more room to show more content on the larger 6.5-inch display of the iPhone X Plus. You can see that in the pair of images above.

iPhone X Plus in landscape mode

However, it looks like Apple is already planning on offering up even more information when you turn the iPhone X Plus into landscape mode, similar to how it works with the Plus models before it. That means when you use apps like Calendar, Messages, and Contacts, you will see an iPad-like landscape app support front and center.

In the Contacts app you’ll see the list of contacts on the left, and then, once highlighted, a person’s detailed information on the right. In Messages a similar situation arises, with the list of messages on the left, and then a highlighted conversation taking up the majority of the screen on the right. While in landscape, the Calendar app will show the full month’s calendar, and then any events/reminders on the right.

Our Take

None of this is all too surprising, as it’s the same behavior that owners of Plus-sized iPhone models have grown accustomed to. It would be nice if Apple could bring the same behavior to the iPhone X, though. Maybe one day.

[via iHelpBR]