Mazda is Finally Offering Apple CarPlay This Year

Mazda is finally rolling out CarPlay

Way, way back in 2014, Mazda’s name was added to the list of auto manufacturers that were planning on adding support for Apple’s in-car system, CarPlay, to its lineup of vehicles.

Unfortunately for fans of Mazda who actually wanted to use CarPlay, though, that actually never happened. In an interesting turn of events, and what could have been a sign of a change of heart, Mazda was actually named as part of a non-profit consortium of automobile manufacturers that were trying to slow down the market domination of in-car systems by Apple and Google (with CarPlay and Android Auto, respectively).

Bu then a few months after that report surfaced, Mazda came forward and announced that it still had every intention of bringing CarPlay into its lineup, but wouldn’t actually peg down a launch window. We didn’t know which vehicle, or vehicles, would support the feature, or when Mazda actually planned on launching it.

Now we know these things. In an official announcement made on Tuesday, Mazda has confirmed it will begin offering CarPlay support in September of this year. And it won’t take buying a new car to get it, either. The company will be adding the feature to the 2018 Mazda6 (not including the Sport base model). Beginning in September, owners of the Mazda6 can set up an appointment with a Mazda dealership to have the feature added with no extra costs attached.

You will need to have two hours without your car, though, so be aware of that as CarPlay is added. Also, it should be noted that Mazda is also adding support for Google’s Android Auto. And if you do plan on buying a new car later this year, and a Mazda6 is a possibility, then Mazda says it will be preinstalling CarPlay and Android Auto as original equipment beginning in November for the Mazda6 (excluding the Sport base model).

Our Take

So, finally! It took several years, but fans of Mazda can finally say they can use CarPlay — as long as the Mazda6 is the vehicle of their choice. But this feels like just the beginning, and hopefully Mazda will be bringing CarPlay to even more vehicles in its fleet in the near future.

[via Mazda]