Microsoft May Announce a $400 Surface Device on July 10

Microsoft Surface lineup

The Surface lineup has been a relatively successful venture for Microsoft up to this point (with a few rough patches), and it sounds like the company is gearing up to introduce another device into the lineup.

On Monday July 9, the official Surface Twitter account posted a quick one-liner to its timeline, along with a picture of the current Surface products for good measure. The tweet itself reads, “Where will Surface go next?” That doesn’t really give anything away, but the important detail –as pointed out today by The Verge— to take note of is the date on the displays of those Surface products, which reads July 10.

The image itself isn’t actually new by any means, Microsoft has shared the family portrait more than a few times in the past. But this is the first time that it has showed a specific date and time on each display.

As far as what the product itself is, the general consensus at this point appears to be that it’s going to be a new tablet device that Microsoft hopes will compete with Apple’s new $329 iPad and the plethora of Chromebook devices out there. Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to price the new Surface device around $400, and that it will be equipped with Intel Pentium processors.

There have been plenty of rumors regarding the new Surface tablet, one of which suggests the new lineup will be called “Surface Go” when it lands on store shelves. As far as a release date is concerned, nothing is official just yet, but the rumor mill has suggested Microsoft will have the new device in its retail stores to show off on Friday, July 13.

So it sounds like Microsoft is going to announce a new Surface device at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, July 10. If you have been having issues with Apple’s current MacBook lineups, is a new Surface product something you’d be interested in? Especially if it’s priced at $400?

Our Take

The question in Microsoft’s tweet made me raise an eyebrow for a moment, asking where the Surface lineup can go next like that. It seems to suggest that we could see a new style of device — but probably not worth getting excited for something like Project Andromeda. More than likely that question is meant to hint at a price drop, as Microsoft explores adding different devices to various price points.

Is $400 an intriguing price for you?

[via The Verge; @surface]