Nike Training Club App for the Apple Watch is Now Available with Over 180 Workouts

Nike has had its Training Club App and its features available for folks for a little while now, but it has been noticeably absent for the Apple Watch.

That is changing today, though. Nike has officially announced that it is bringing the Nike Training Club App to the Apple Watch beginning today. Nike says the app is one of the “smartest training tools” out there, and it has over 180 different workouts to try and help you on your personal quest. Those workouts will be monitored directly from the Apple Watch, as one might expect, as Nike says quite a few folks out there in the wild weren’t happy having to rely on the smartphone to track everything.

“For all its positive attributes, there is one thing about the app athletes wanted to improve: Sometimes, you just don’t want to have to continually refer to a phone in the midst of a session.

The solution came in bringing the Nike Training Club app to the Apple Watch. “The resounding feedback from athletes worldwide was that they wanted us to put the best training app onto Apple Watch, and I think we’ve done it in a way that will make it an intuitive and invaluable training tool,” says Mike McCabe, Nike’s VP of Category Digital Product Innovation.”

The ability to track and check progress on the Apple Watch is really the sole reason the app exists for the wearable, though. If you are planning on starting an exercise and you want the Nike Training Club app to keep tabs on you, you’ll need to start that exercise from the iOS app.

Here is how Nike outlines the app will help you:

  • Focus more on your workout and less on your phone
  • Monitor your heart rate, approximate calories and other exercise statistics right from your wrist
  • Achieve your exercise goals via weekly notifications encouraging you to close your Exercise ring

Nike says the Training Club app for the Apple Watch will be available globally beginning Wednesday, July 25. So if you’re a fan of the app and its features, but have been eager to get the experience on the Apple Watch, that wait is coming to an end today.

Our Take

Nike has been a solid partner for Apple when it comes to fitness. You don’t have to look much farther than the collaboration between the two companies with the Apple Watch itself, with the Nike+ variants out there to choose from. The fact that the Training Club finally has an Apple Watch app is a good thing, but having to start the exercises from the phone is still kind of frustrating.

[via Nike]