Survey Reveals Owning an iPhone Improves Your Chances of Getting a Date

iPhone X Zoomed in Full Screen Photos 3

Are you single with a non-existent dating life? Well, get an iPhone then because a new survey from Decluttr reveals that seven out of 10 single people would prefer dating someone with an iPhone rather than an Android device.

So, why would someone prefer dating someone with an iPhone? The responses varied from iPhone users being “classic” to more “sophisticated.” That’s essentially a sugar-coated version of saying that iPhone users tend to have more money than Android users since many people consider iPhones as a status symbol.

The survey also points to more than 1/3rd of the men considering a broken screen on their date’s smartphone a sign of financial insecurity and lack of personal care. The opposite sex cares less about smartphones with a broken screen but they are more likely to be turned off by an older phone.

If you are looking to date someone with an iPhone, you should know their negative dating habits as well. The survey says that 2 in 5 iPhone users will take a loo break to use their phone or even cancel on a date. There’s also a 40 percent chance of them complaining about the date to someone else and end the relationship over text.

On the positive side, 65 percent iPhone users will consider a first date with an Android smartphone user, while only 50 percent of surveyed Android users would do the same.

The survey was conducted among 1,502 people, though there’s no detail on how and on what basis they were selected.

Check out the infographic below for more details about the dating habits of an iPhone user.

[Via Decluttr]