2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus to Feature Apple Pencil Support, Up to 512GB Storage

2018 iPhone

The latest note from TrendForce surrounding the 2018 iPhones reiterate many of the rumors we have heard previously and reveals some new features as well.

The note claims that Apple will be launching three new iPhones in 2018, two of them premium models featuring an OLED display, with the third model being a budget oriented device with an LCD panel.

While Apple’s suppliers have already started the mass production of the premium models since mid-July, the production of the budget iPhone is expected to start from mid-September. The 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will go on sale from September, while the budget iPhone will hit the market in October.

After the relatively modest success of 2017 $999 iPhone X and due to heavy competition from Chinese OEMs, Apple will be adjusting the pricing strategy for its 2018 iPhone lineup. For this, the company is bargaining for better component prices from its suppliers which in turn will allow it to reduce the prices of its 2018 iPhone lineup without affecting its own bottom line by a significant margin. Thanks to these steps and other cost cutting measures, TrendForce believes Apple will price the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone at $699-749.

The note points to the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone coming with Face ID, 3GB RAM, and dual-SIM capability. Apple will be pricing the handset in such a way that it takes on most of the popular premium Android flagships out there. The handset is also expected to be the most popular among consumers, with Apple allotting 50 percent of its production resource to it.

The 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus are going to be the ‘premium’ handsets in Apple’s lineup this time around. They will come with 4GB RAM and Face ID. Since the smaller 5.8-inch 2018 iPhone X will have the same specs as the 2017 iPhone X, the latter is expected to reach its end of life early. The new 2018 iPhone X is expected to have a starting price tag of $899.

As for the bigger 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, it is aimed at business professionals. It will feature dual-SIM capability, though it will be limited to certain markets. The handset is expected to have a starting price tag of $999.

TrendForce believes that Apple will offer the 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus in three storage tiers: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. They are also expected to have Apple Pencil support. The cheaper 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will only be available in 64GB and 256GB storage variants.

Due to its varied iPhone lineup and revised strategy, TrendForce believes the 2018 iPhone lineup sales growth will remain largely flat. If anything, there might be a 2-3 percent fluctuation due to changing market conditions.

[Via TrendForce]