Apple Estimated to Have Sold 3 Million HomePod in the United States

Apple Estimated to Have Sold 3 Million HomePod in the United States

The latest data from CIRP points to Apple selling 3 million HomePods in the United States since its launch earlier this year. The data is for the period ending June 30, with CIRP claiming that there are now over 50 million smart speaker users in the United States. 

Amazon dominates the market with its Alexa series of smart speakers and has around 70 percent of the market share. This is followed by Google Home which has a 24 percent market share. Lastly, the HomePod has a mere 6 percent market share, though it is important to note that it is priced at $349 and launched only earlier this year.

Unlike smart speakers from Google and Amazon, the HomePod is known more for its outstanding audio quality rather than its smart speaker capabilities. This puts it at an inherent disadvantage compared to its competition, though Apple is improving the Siri experience on the HomePod with regular software updates. With the upcoming HomePod OS 12 update, Apple will add phone call, multiple timers, and Find my device capabilities to the smart speaker as well.

Apple is unlikely to make heavy inroads into the smart speaker market in the United States without the help of a cheaper HomePod. There have been reports of the company mulling a cheaper HomePod but there’s no concrete evidence confirming that it is indeed working on one. Smart speakers have become a hot commodity to gift during the holiday season so if Apple wants to expand its market share in this segment, it needs to release a cheaper HomePod before the end of this year.

Will you be willing to buy a cheaper HomePod from Apple despite Siri not being as useful on the smart speaker? Or will you prefer something like Google Home mini or Echo Dot?