Apple Giving New iCloud Customers 200GB of Free Storage Space for Two Months

Apple seems to have partnered with the major U.S. carriers to offer free 200GB of iCloud storage space on a trial basis for 2 months to customers upgrading to a new iPhone. 

By offering 200GB of storage space on iCloud, Apple is hoping to make it easier for users switching from an Android device to an iPhone to easily move their data to Apple’s ecosystem. By default, an iCloud account comes with a measly 5GB of free storage space.

Buying 200GB of paid storage space on iCloud will cost one $2.99/month. Apple started offering a 30-day free trial to paid iCloud storage tier to non-paying users from earlier this year so the company is just offering one additional month of storage space to new iPhone upgrade customers. At the end of the trial period, if the subscription is not canceled, users will be charged $2.99/month for the storage space.

The offer seems to be only available for new iCloud customers and those who are based in the United States. If you recently got a new iPhone, head over to this link to claim the trial.

Our Take

If anything, this move will get Apple more paying iCloud storage customers. This is because after the trial period ends, most customers will either forget about canceling their subscription or will end up having so much data on iCloud that they will have no choice but to pay for it.

While buying storage space on iCloud is relatively cheap, it is still surprising to see the world’s richest company offer a mere 5GB of free storage space to its customers for its cloud services. With iPhones backup size itself running into tens of gigabytes, the 5GB of free storage is not enough for any practical purposes.

[Via Reddit]