Apple Reportedly Met With a Leader in MicroLED Technology

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While Apple has used OLED panels in its Apple Watch lineup for quite some time, it’s still a relatively new feature for the iPhone lineup. And it might not be sticking around for too much longer.

There have been plenty of rumors and reports outlining Apple’s future plans, where the company drops OLED for not only the Apple Watch family, but also the iPhone lineup, and in its place inserts microLED panels. There have been some suggestions that the company might use miniLEDs in the interim, but those have been few and far between up to this point. The general consensus seems to be that Apple will be waiting for microLED technology to be ready to go, and then adopt that tech for its touchscreen devices.

Now, Economic Daily News is reporting that representatives from Apple recently met with a company called AUO, which is a leader in microLED technology.

“However, Apple has maintained friendly relations with the Taiwan panel factory. It has previously announced that it has established an advanced display R&D center with AUO in Longtan. This time, Apple visited AUO and other Taiwanese factories, indicating that Apple is still highly affirmed on Taiwan’s display technology.

It is understood that Apple came to Taiwan to learn about AUO and Jingdian’s technology in Mini LED and Micro LED. Since Mini LED is often regarded as a transitional product before the maturity of Micro LED technology, and has entered mass production, the industry believes that if Apple intends to cooperate with Taiwanese companies, the target may be placed on Micro LED products.”

Apple is expected to follow a similar path with microLED that it followed with OLED. That means we could see Apple adopt this new technology for its Apple Watch display first, and then, at some point after that, bringing that display over to the iPhone lineup. Nothing is guaranteed, though, and plans may change before we see any of this come to fruition.

Still, Apple’s attention on microLED has been around for quite some time. That extends to the acquisition of a company called LuxVue back in 2014. In March of this year we heard that Apple was working on its own microLED screens for the Apple Watch and iPhone lineup, and before that there were reports that Apple was in talks with PlayNitride to cooperate on the technology for future devices.

There are even Apple patents that include the future technology.

Our Take

Is Apple developing plans for the adoption of microLED displays in its future lineup of devices? Sure seems like it! Are we going to see it any time soon? Well, that depends on when you start the countdown. 2014, when Appel acquired LuxVue? Or this year, when Apple is reportedly meeting with one of the leaders in the technology?

What do you think? Are you ready to see OLED get replaced?

[via EDN]