Apple Promoting GiveBack Trade-In Program While You Browse for a New Device

Apple has had its trade-in program in place for quite some time, but now it’s starting to promote the service a bit more across its website.

We are probably more than a month away from Apple launching new iPhones, but leading up to that big day Apple is now starting to push its GiveBack trade-in program a bit harder. As first reported on Thursday, Apple’s online store is littered with options to choose the GiveBack program while you’re searching for a new device to buy. You can find a link to start the trade-in process at one point or another while browsing to buy a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

It’s prominent in the “Buy” pages on the iPhone models, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Clicking the link will pop up a brief survey, where you can input specific information pertaining to your device you want to trade in. These are the standard questions, asking whether or not your device is in good shape, if it turns on, and how the display is. You’ll start with telling the system which manufacturer put together your device, then selecting the specific model, followed by the follow-up questions.

At the time of publication, if you trade in an iPhone, the newest model you can offer is the iPhone 7/7 Plus. But with new iPhones expected to arrive in September, it’s likely that Apple will start accepting the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus some time next month. Right now, if you trade in the iPhone 7 Plus you’ll get $290 towards a new device.

One other thing to be aware of with this new change, is that Apple is offering these trade-in offers right away. So if you go through the trade-in process while buying a new device, that credit will be applied immediately to your new device. No longer having to wait to mail your device, then receive a gift card in the mail back. To get immediate credit previously meant you had to do your trade-in while visiting an Apple Store, so this should make it a bit easier.

Our Take

Trading in devices is one way to reduce the cost of a new handset, and if you’re upgrading every year that can be a big help. But waiting to get that credit, whether it’s from Apple or another third-party option, can add unnecessary wrinkles to the buying process when you want something new. This new option, with immediate credit, should be a nice change.

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