Apple Could Unveil 2018 iPhones on September 12

Apple Could Unveil Its 2018 iPhones on September 12

It is widely known that Apple will be unveiling its 2018 iPhone lineup in September but when exactly? The Cupertino company tends to unveil its new iPhones in the first half of September and then release the devices to the public in the third or fourth week.

Going by Apple’s last few product announcements, Cnet’s Lynn La believes that the company will be holding the event to unveil its 2018 iPhones on September 12. As Lynn points out, if Labor Day in the United States is before the 3rd of September, the company tends to announce its products in the following week. And if Labor Day is on the 5th day or later, the company holds its event the following Wednesday (i.e. two days later).

So, going by that trend, Lynn believes Apple will be unveiling the 2018 iPhone lineup on September 12 since Labor Day falls on September 3 this year. There’s a probability of the company holding an event on September 11 as well but given what happened on this day almost two decades ago, the chances are pretty slim.

If Apple ends up holding the iPhone launch event on September 12, 2018, the handsets will hit the market on September 21, 2018. Apple has previously held iPhone launches on September 12 so this date does seem to be the pretty obvious choice this time around as well.

Our Take

A quick look at the calendar and the September 12 date does seem to be perfect for Apple to unveil its new iPhones for 2018. The handsets will then go on sale 9 days later on September 21 in the United States and other major markets. An event earlier than September 12 is unlikely but if it does happen my bet is it will be held be on September 5.

When do you think Apple will be holding its yearly iPhone event in September this time around?

[Via Cnet]

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