Consumers are Looking Forward to 2018 iPhones More Than the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s latest and baddest Galaxy, the Note 9, might be the company’s most impressive Note device to date but a poll from PC Mag shows that consumers are more interested in Apple’s upcoming 2018 iPhone lineup.

The survey comprised of 1,555 participants, with 42 percent of them replying that they are more interested in Apple unveiling its 2018 iPhone lineup next month. At 21 percent, almost half of the participants who took part in the poll were more interested in the Galaxy Note 9.

Google’s mighty Pixel series might win a lot of accolades for its camera performance, but only 7 percent o the poll participants are interested in it. Other notable Android flagships that have failed to garner interest of even 5 percent of the poll participants include the LG V40 and the OnePlus 6T.

Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone 2018 poll

The PC Mag poll’s sample size is too small and a bit too technically inclined. Nonetheless, given that Apple sells almost 100 million units of its latest iPhone every year compared to Samsung’s 5-10 million units for its Galaxy Note series every year, its not surprising that more consumers are interested in seeing how the 2018 iPhones turn out to be.

The Galaxy Note 9 is also largely based on the Galaxy S9 which was launched by Samsung in March. Thus, its obvious that the hype around the Note 9 is considerably lower than that for Apple’s upcoming iPhones. The Note 9 is also a very big device and its whole S Pen appeal is limited to a niche set of audience. None of this undermines the fact though that consumers are more interested in the 2018 iPhones than the Galaxy Note 9 or for that matter, any other Android phone in the market.

[Via PC Mag]