Fortnite Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile: Which Game is Better?

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Battle Royale games on smartphones have are the fashion right now. Both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile have turned out to be incredibly popular, with PUBG being particularly popular among Android users while iOS users preferring Fortnite. If you are new to the whole gaming scene and want to know which game is better for you — PUBG or Fortnite, read this comparison.

PUBG and Fortnite have created a revolution in the mobile shooter genre. These two games are here to stay and will pull the shooting games lovers like a magnet. But why? What’s so special about this genre of shooting games? Why are millions of people glued to their phone screens all of a sudden? And more importantly, is this something that you might be interested in? Read on to find out.

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What is Battle Royale?

Fortnite Bus

It’s quite simple (and damn fun, really). You jump off a plane, to an island. It’s you along with 99 other players. Your goal is to be the last player alive on the island. Were you? Congratulations, you just won a Battle Royale.

There’s a lot more to the specifics of how PUBG and Fortnite work (and we’ll get into that later on), but that really is it. You can play as in individual player, with a friend or in a squad of four. As the time progresses, the map becomes smaller. A circle stars moving into a central point. It happens every couple of minutes at first and by the end, it’s every couple of seconds. The aim is to bring every alive player on the map to a specific location.

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That’s the common thing between both PUBG and Fornite. Both games are free to pay as well. You can spend money on buying clothes and fancy equipment. You can pay to be a part of the Season Pass so you get access to new features, new maps and more. Fortnite, in particular, has a complex micro-transaction system. But if you’re just starting out, you don’t need to worry about any of that stuff. You can play either of the games for hundreds of hours, winning matches one after the other, without spending a single dime.

Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

1.  Gameplay and Mechanics

Gameplay is the defining characteristic of a Battle Royale game. After graphics, the gameplay becomes the biggest point of contest between the two games. Fortnite takes a more cartoonish road while PUBG looks like a modern shooter. Like an evolved form of Counter-Strike. Fortnite is all about fun, and dancing and effects. While PUBG is more about military precision, and that comes off in how the maps are designed and even the selection of clothes available!

Fortnite Edit Structures

Fortnite is like the more classic type where you can chop down wooden, bricks and metal structures for supplies. Skilled players find this feature very handy as they use it in order to reach inaccessible areas by combining the ramps or various structures.

The most important feature of the game is building things. It adds a whole new element to the gameplay. Constructing your own fortress and then getting cover behind barricades is as intriguing as aggressively pumping down your rivals.

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PUBG, on the other hand, has none of this building business. There’s no wood to collect, no barricades to build. Everything you get in PUBG, you pick up. From drops, from houses or after killing someone.

PUBG for iPhone 1

PUBG is different from various other games in its explicable and modern inclusion of vehicles. What all the players love is the that one can drive a car, a bike or even a boat and these vehicles are there in the map at your disposal.

All these vehicles are useful for running down long distances in a short time. It may either be to reach a particular place before the red zone or madly running away from your rivals when you have nothing in your bag. In this game, the handling and moving around through the battleground is much smoother than in Fortnite. Players are more comfortable steering for their survival then they feel in Fortnite.

2. Controls

Controls is something which PUBG can beat Fortnite on any given day. Tencent with their experience in mobile gaming has made PUBG controls easy to use and arranged all the functions perfectly. PUBG offers customization in its controls whereas Fortnite Mobile is unable to do. Due to its complex features of building structures and setting traps, it becomes more complex when played in the mobile version.

And this is easily proven. Throw a newbie into a Fortnite game on iPhone and they’ll probably be dead in a couple of minutes. The UI is just too confusing. On the other hand, PUBG’s UI is quite simple to understand and master. It only takes a couple of minutes.

The comparisons go on and on but PUBG is more comfortable aiming system and is a decent first-person perspective edges it above Fortnite in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

So if you’re looking for a game where you won’t be frustrated with the on-screen controls, pick PUBG over Fortnite.

3. Graphics and Visuals

The most important factor by which one will judge a game is its graphics and visuals. No matter how good your gameplay and micro-transactions are but if you don’t have a proper graphics, no gamer is going to prefer your game over others.

Fortnite Harvest Materials

The preference of the visuals is always subjective. Whether they like Fortnite’s uncluttered cartoon aesthetics or PUBG’s more detailed visuals. The graphics of the game, in turn, make it visually better.

Fortnite usually has a barren land on it making it less visually attractive and makes the game tougher as well. In PUBG’s interface, the graphics are so strong that it makes the game look even more realistic and more interesting as well.

PUBG for iPhone 2

The topic of graphics largely depends on the type of smartphone that you use as well. The better the gadget, better will be the visual representation. If you’ve got the iPhone X, both Fortnite and PUBG are going to look amazing on it.

Again, it’s a subjective thing but for us, PUBG is a winner here as well.

4. On Fortnite’s Heavy Reliance on Building Things

Fortnite Building Tools

Your entire gaming experience in Fortnite is dependent on your building skills. It’s no joke. To be good at Fornite, you need to be a good builder first. And that’s not something everyone can be. In fact, for some gamers, it’s just not the fun part of the game (I’ve certainly felt so at times).

But if you want to win a match of Fortnite, you’ll need to have a good defense. Which means collecting wood, ore, and other minerals. And using the available resources to create impromptu walls, ramps, and even buildings. Because when you’re getting attacked from three sides, building a ramp and a wall is the only way you can save yourself.

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Building a structure within seconds is what requires expertise. But it’s a skill that you can master over time.

  • Pro Building: This building can be made rapidly and can be used in various ways. The player can use different structures such as wooden blocks and bricks in order to out-maneuver your opponent and make them off guard by hitting them.
  • Panic walls: This basic structure may save your life or may even give you an advantage when suddenly a fight spring out of nowhere. By placing the walls, you can absorb bullets while running and you can minimize your damage and fake them out.
  • Sniper Tower: If a player wants to gain some serious altitude and snipe enemies from far off, then this structure takes no time. The only thing that you need to plan out is preparing an escape route while building this tower.

The other important structures are Panic ramps and V2 Panic ramps. If you’re going to get into Fortnite, be prepared to spend a lot of time mastering the Build tools. Don’t want to bother? Well, stick with PUBG.

5. Seasons

The other important feature of Fortnite are the installments of seasons. There are 5 seasons which have come out until now and all of them have created a massive interest upon the players to play the game. Season by season the game develops and newer additions are made into the gaming interface. The new seasons are one kind of a software update.

The game has newer features and various other things which allows a Fortnite player to stick to the game and wait for the newer version to experience a different level of gaming.

There are newer plots, romanticized areas, different themes and more, making it a proper compilation of human emotions and ecstasy.

Download: PUBG Mobile (Free)

Download: Fortnite Mobile (Free)

Which One Is For You?

Now that you know what Battle Royale games are and what exactly is the difference between PUBG and Fortnite, it’s time to ask that question.

Which one is for you? Do you prefer Fortnite’s more cartoonish look or the military appeal of PUBG? Do you like using build tools or you’d rather take to the battle directly in PUBG? Share with us in the comments below.