How Has the Apple Watch Changed Your Life?

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Back when Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, it was dismissed as just any other wearable in the market. However, over the years, Apple has worked on improving its wearable in almost every aspect despite the smartwatch looking the same from outside.

While many feel that the Apple Watch is still functionality limited, there’s no denying that it is more than just a smartwatch. The Apple Watch can easily give many other fitness-oriented wearables in the market a run for their money with its own fitness tracking aspect.

We have already seen reports of how the Apple Watch’s heart rate tracking functionality has ended up saving the life of their user. A similar story played out with RandomMaccess founder Chuck La Tournous. In his blog post, he describes how back in May 2016, he had multiple blood clots which could have led to him dying. However, thanks to his Apple Watch, he ended up seeking medical attention in time which ultimately made all the difference.

He also goes on to detail how the Apple Watch is now playing a key role in him fighting against diabetes. Apart from using apps to track his sugar levels, the watch has also motivated him to work out more thereby keeping his sugar level in check. Thanks to all the motivation of closing the rings, Tournous has ended up losing 50 pounds in just six months, with his waist size going down from 38-inches to 32-inches.

Apple has pretty much made it clear that it wants the Apple Watch to become a fitness-oriented device. Unlike other fitness wearables in the market, Apple has poured in considerable resources into refining the hardware and software which allows the Apple Watch to save the life of its wearer. Similarly, there are plenty of other wearables in the market that feature LTE connectivity but Apple is the one that has managed to set the bar a notch higher with the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE. The implementation was good enough to even save the life of a kite surfer.

Think of it for a moment, there are other wearables in the market featuring a heart rate scanner from Fitbit, Samsung, LG, and others. However, we consistently only hear about the Apple Watch saving the life of its wearer due to blood clots or any other heart-related issues.

Apple is reportedly working on adding non-invasive blood sugar monitoring to the Apple Watch, and when the company gets around to doing it, the impact it would have on the lives of millions of diabetic patients out there would be huge.

Sure, the Apple Watch does not look as beautiful as some of the other wearables out there. It does not even offer an always-on display or two-day battery life like other smartwatches out there. Yet, it is easily the best wearable in the market all because of the impact it can have on the wearer’s life.

Has the Apple Watch brought about any meaningful impact in the fitness aspect of your life? Has it ever ended up saving your life? Drop a comment and let us know!