How to Fix ‘New iOS Update is Now Available’ Prompts in iOS 12 Beta

iOS 12 beta error

Running the latest iOS 12 beta? Then you must be getting spammed by ‘New iOS Update is Now Available’ prompts since today morning. The issue is being caused by a bug in iOS 12 beta which thinks the expiration date of the beta is nearby thereby prompting users to update to the latest beta which is not available since Apple has not rolled out any.

The prompt is annoying because it comes up every single time you unlock your iPhone or iPad. A permanent fix for this issue can only be rolled out by Apple either through a new beta update or through a server-side change. Despite this bug affecting all iOS 12 beta users out there for more than a few hours now, Apple is yet to roll out a fix for this issue. Until that happens though, below is a hacky temporary workaround to this issue.

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, head over to Settings -> General, Date & Time. 

Step 2: Turn off the Set Automatically option and proceed to change the date to at least a week before from now.

It is a hacky workaround for sure since your iPhone will show the wrong date but its the only solution to this problem for now. It is definitely disappointing to see Apple not fixing this bug more than a few hours after it was first reported. Considering that it affects hundreds of thousands of iOS 12 beta testers out there, Apple should have been quick to roll out a fix here.

Remember that changing the date of your iPhone will affect all installed apps on the device as well. Certain apps might straight up refuse to work, while others might throw up certain errors. Plus, if you create any document in any app, it will be stored with the same old date which might trip the order of your notes or documents.

Another and perhaps a more painstaking solution to this issue is to simply downgrade back to iOS 11.4.1 on your iPhone or iPad. But then that’s a tedious process and not something most users will even consider doing.