iOS 12 Beta 8 vs iOS 11.4.1 Speed Test

iOS 12 Home screen With Downtime Enabled 2

After pulling iOS 12 beta 7 due to performance issues, Apple was quick to roll out beta 8 of the OS with relevant fixes. Ahead of the final release of iOS 12 next month, Apple has switched to a weekly release cycle for its beta releases as it ramps up its testing and bug-squashing efforts.

The last speed test between iOS 12 beta 6 and iOS 11.4 showed that the upcoming release of iOS does bring about a noticeable improvement in performance and smoothness that should breathe a lease of new life on older iPhones and iPads. With the latest iOS 12 beta, the same story continues. There’s no major difference in performance — negative or positive — with iOS 12 continuing to offer buttery smooth performance on the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and even older iPhones when compared to iOS 11.4.

The iPhone 6, for example, boots up to 5 seconds faster while running iOS 12 beta 8 when compared to iOS 11.4.1. The overall UI also looks and feels smoother to navigate around, with fewer stutters and dropped frames.

Our Take

With Apple now working on finalizing iOS 12 ahead of its public release next month, I doubt we are going to see any future beta release of iOS 12 bring about any major performance improvements. The company is likely done with all under the hood optimizations and is now working on squashing bugs and finishing all features that will be a part of iOS 12. Previous iOS 12 beta speed tests when compared to iOS 11.4 also seem to suggest the same as there has not been any performance improvement with a newer iOS beta release in a few weeks now.