iOS 12 Beta Users Getting Erroneous ‘New iOS Update is Now Available’ Prompts

iOS 12 beta error

Running the latest iOS 12 beta? Chances are you must be getting prompts of updating to the latest release of the OS despite there being no newer beta release from Apple.

The pop-up is coming because of an error in iOS 12 beta 11 which thinks its expiration date is nearby and is thus prompting users to upgrade to the latest beta available. The pop-up is definitely frustrating since many users are getting it almost every single time they unlock their iPhone and it has to be dismissed manually every single time.

For now, there’s not much that affected users can do. They should just sit tight and wait for Apple to get around to releasing a new iOS 12 beta with the bug fixed. Apple might also be able to fix this bug via a server-side change, though this is not clear yet. Given that more and more iOS 12 beta users are getting this error and now that it has received some media attention, I’d expect Apple to roll out a fix for this issue in a few hours from now.

Are you facing a similar issue on your iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS 12 beta? If yes, have you found a workaround to it? Do let us know about it in the comment section then.