New Survey Suggests Drivers Prefer Apple’s CarPlay Over Android Auto, but Still Love Google Maps

Mazda is finally rolling out CarPlay

It has been several years since Apple stopped using Google Maps as the default maps app on its platforms, opting to create its own offering in Apple Maps.

And while Apple Maps has indeed improved quite a bit since its inception (with plenty to look forward to!), including new features, Google’s own Maps app remains the most popular option for folks on the go. A new survey indicates that while Apple’s own in-vehicle software is preferred a bit more over Google’s effort, folks still prefer Google’s mapping and navigation software.

The new survey comes from J.D. Power, and it aims to break down the customer satisfaction for Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. The survey utilizes a 1,000 point scale, and CarPlay earned itself 777 points, while Android Auto tallied 748. However, on the flip side, when it comes to mapping specifically, Google Maps still holds the lead with 56 percent of the responding drivers say they use Google Maps. Apple Maps? That service is sitting at 23 percent of drivers who responded to the survey, and Waze is at 16 percent.

The survey also concluded that “even iPhone users” are more likely to call up Google Maps than Apple Maps.

“In the smartphone mirroring battle, drivers using Apple CarPlay report significantly higher satisfaction with the system than those using Android Auto (777 vs. 748, respectively, on a 1,000-point scale). However, Google fights back when it comes to navigation. Among owners who use their own navigation system, 56% use Google Maps most often and 16% use Google-owned Waze most often, while only 23% use Apple Maps most often. Even iPhone owners are more likely to use Google Maps than Apple Maps, whereas very few Android owners use Apple Maps.”

The good news for both Apple and Google here is that it looks like drivers are relying less and less on the stock infotainment systems that manufacturers are installing in their vehicles. Most drivers appear to be leaning towards CarPlay or Android Auto, or even just using their phone or another device entirely.

“Factory-installed navigation systems are easily replaced by another device. In fact, 19% of new-vehicle owners who have factory-installed navigation don’t use it and, of these, 70% use another device instead, almost always a smartphone.”

Our Take

I don’t think anyone would be really surprised to hear that “even iPhone users” still rely on Google Maps. I actually like Apple Maps, and I still use Google Maps more often than not.

What about you? Are you using Apple Maps more often than Google Maps these days?

[via J.D. Power]