Leaked Google Pixel 3 XL Photos Show XL Sized Notched Display

Leaked Google Pixel 3 XL Photos Show XL Sized Notched Display

If you dislike the iPhone X due to its notched display at the front, you are going to hate the Pixel 3 XL even more. Leaked photos of the handset show an XL sized notch at the top which is almost twice as deep as the iPhone X’s notch.

Sure, the notch on the iPhone X might be wider, but the one on the Pixel 3 XL is almost 2x more deep which makes it look pretty awkward.

As if the XL sized notch was not already enough, the Pixel 3 XL will also come with a sizeable bezel at the bottom. On the positive size, Google is going to use all that bezel space to include front-firing speakers on the handset.

The leaked images also confirm that the Pixel 3 XL will come with a Snapdragon 845 chipset running at 2.8GHz along with 4GB RAM.

The contents of the retail box confirm that apart from the usual USB-C charger, cable, and OTG adapter, Google will also be bundling USB-C earphones with the device this time around. This will be the first time that Google will bundle earphones with its Pixel handsets. Before this, the company never even bundled earphones with its Nexus handsets.

As if the leaked photos were not already enough, a video has also surfaced of the Pixel 3 XL being unboxed. Given that the handset is due to be unveiled by Google in early October and will go on sale after that, the Pixel 3 XL leak train has started way ahead of time.

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