MTA Official Ordered iPhones Worth $60,000 From Taxpayers Money For Reselling Purposes

iPhone X back

A former Metropolitan Transportation Authority official has been accused of purchasing nearly $60,000 worth of iPhones using taxpayers money. The Manhattan district attorney’s office has charged the accused, Angel Barbosa, the former chief procurement officer at the MTA with grand larceny.

As if that was not already enough, he was also caught faking documents from his previous job to get a higher salary at the MTA. He faked his previous salary documents to show more than $30,000 to get a higher salary at the MTA. Angel Barbosa has pleaded not guilty for all the charges levied against him. He voluntarily agreed to appear in the court and face the accusations levied against him. He managed to get a bail after paying the court $40,000.

“Angel Barbosa first cheated New Yorkers out of tens of thousands of dollars in the form of his falsely inflated salary, and then stole nearly $60,000 from taxpayers in a smartphone procurement-and-resale scheme,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said in a statement.

Barbosa using his position as the chief procurement officer in 2016 and got an MTA employee to order 63 iPhones totaling nearly $60,000 which he got shipped to his home address. The ordering process did not follow the regular procurement procedure and once Mr. Barbosa received the iPhones, he asked one of his associates to sell them, with both of them then pocketing the money. Barbosa was fired from his post in 2017 as soon as his illegal actions were discovered. Just two days before he was fired, Barbosa had asked his employee to place an order for another 80 iPhones.

[Via WSJ]