Samsung Tries to Promote the New Galaxy Note 9 Without Showing the Phone in Latest ‘Ingenius’ Ads

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ingenius ad

Samsung, for whatever it’s worth, apparently wholeheartedly thinks it has a hit on its hands with these “Ingenius” ads.

The company that just announced the Galaxy Note 9 has officially uploaded a couple of new ads in its newest marketing campaign. These once again feature the same fake Apple Store Genius employee, wearing that familiar blue shirt with the Apple logo on it. The first ad, entitled “Power” is especially rich, considering the latest Geekbench scores that show the iPhone X (and OnePlus 6!) outperforming the Galaxy Note 9 in several tests.

In any event, here’s that ad:

“The Galaxy Note 9 can do that, too” sounds like a pretty resounding reason to pick it up, if you ask this writer. Of course, the fake customer may be on to something when they ask why they’d ever want to FaceTime up to 32 people. Of course, in households where Apple’s ecosystem reigns, or in business scenarios, a feature like that will certainly come in handy.

Moving on to the next one, we’ve got an ad entitled “Pen”. This one focuses on the fact that the Samsung S Pen works on the Galaxy Note 9 (and, ostensibly, some of Samsung’s tablets), but that the Apple Pencil only works on the new iPad and iPad Pro. The customer asks what they can use on their phone, and the Apple store employee offers up, “your finger?” as the best possible response.

So, there are the two newest Ingenius ads. What do you think?

Our Take

These ads are pretty funny, but it’s hard to miss how ridiculous it is that Samsung still thinks a great marketing effort is to still not show their phone in any meaningful way. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the Galaxy S9 sales are slow. And these are especially hilarious that these are the first ads for the Galaxy Note 9, a phone they just announced, and they still don’t want to show it off. Okay then.