Some 2018 MacBook Pro Units Suffer From Crackling Speakers

It hasn’t been too long since Apple officially refreshed the MacBook Pro lineup, offering up noteworthy upgrades to the specs under the hood.

It didn’t take long after the launch of that new hardware that the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar lineup found itself in some hot water. A debacle quickly arose in which the top-of-the-line variant suffered from severe thermal throttling. Apple identified the issue and, with relative quickness, actually patched the issue and appears to have fixed it.

But here we are a few weeks later and a new issue, albeit much smaller in scale, has been discovered. According to folks publishing their issues on forums like Reddit and Apple’s own Support Communities, some owners of the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are running into some issues with crackling speakers.

The issue ranges when it comes to what type of content folks are listening to/watching on their new laptop. For some it happens while they watch YouTube videos, others it’s while listening to music via iTunes, and still others run into the problem while they are using GarageBand.

There does not appear to be a fix at the moment, but some commenters regarding the issue have said that Apple engineers are aware of the problem and are “looking into it”. There is one comment from a Community Specialist in Apple’s Support Community that offers up a way to check sound settings, but that doesn’t appear to have fixed anything for those running into the crackling speakers issue.

There is plenty of speculation, with some observers saying it could be an issue with Apple’s T2 chip, audio drivers, or just faulty hardware on some units. Production issues are certainly an issue, and this particular problem doesn’t seem to be overtly widespread just yet. So it could very well be a problem plaguing a small number of units out there in the wild.

Are you seeing an issue with your new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar?

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