Sprint’s New Unlimited Premium Plan Includes Amazon Prime

The wireless carriers in the United States have decided that bundling services is one way to sweeten the (usually expensive) monthly subscription offerings, other than just providing access to a stable, fast network.

Sprint’s latest effort has a variety of different packages bundled together, all designed to give you more to consume while you’re out and about. On Friday, Sprint officially announced its brand new Unlimited Premium plan, which starts at $90 per month.

“Sprint has upped the ante,” said Dow Draper, chief commercial officer, Sprint. “We’ve promised to deliver Unlimited offers for all and we’ve heard from customers who literally ’want it all,’ so we designed a plan that delivers just about everything a customer could want. No other carrier comes close. It’s a platinum-class wireless plan that can bring almost $500 in annual savings. It’s the best value in the industry today.”

So, what do you get for that monthly price? It starts with unlimited data, talk, and text, which is pretty standard these days. It’s worth noting that Sprint’s also jumping up the monthly cut-off for high-speed data, so instead of 30GB you’ll have to go over 50GB in a billing month for your speeds to get throttled to 3G.

The Unlimited Premium plan also includes a free subscription to Amazon Prime (which typically retails for $12.99 per month). In addition to that, you’ll also get free monthly subscription to the music streaming platform TIDAL, and a free subscription to Hulu Limited Commercial subscription. Sprint is also throwing in a free subscription to Lookout Premium Plus for added user security.

Sprint’s new unlimited plan also includes 50GB of mobile hotspot data per month, global roaming in 185 countries across the globe, unilmited talk, text, and 4G LTE data while visiting Mexico and Canada, and streaming in “full HD”.

You can drop that monthly subscription price to $80 per month if you bring your own device, or if you buy a new handset from Sprint at full retail.

The new Unlimited Premium plan is available now. This new plan is in addition to the two new unlimited plans that Sprint introduced back in July of this year, “Unlimited Basic” and “Unlimited Plus”.

Our Take

These bundles services are a good thing for subscribers, for sure. T-Mobile landed Netflix years ago, and AT&T has its own DirecTV service now, with other options for good measure. And Verizon recently announced a six-month deal for Apple Music.

[via Sprint]