Apple Wants to Avoid Adult, Politics, and Religious Content from Its Upcoming Streaming Service

Apple has been heavily investing in original content to bolster its upcoming streaming service offerings. However, just like its brand image, Apple is looking for risque free content without nudity, sex, bold storylines, and any political or religious influence. It also does not want dark content on its platform and is looking for uplifting content.

Tim Cook himself struck down many dark elements from “Vital Signs.” The show  –“a dark, semi-biographical tale” — is based on hip-hop artist Dr. Dre. There were also main sexual acts and drug-related scenes in the show which were struck down by Apple CEO himself.

Apple wants to cater to a variety of audience of all age with its content but it wants to avoid using profanities, sexual acts, drugs, politics, and religion in its shows. The company currently has over 20 shows in production, out of which only two would receive a ‘TV-MA’ rating.

Apple also requested crucifixes being removed from an M. Night Shyamalan’s series about a couple losing their young child.

Messrs. Van Amburg and Erlicht have successfully pushed some edgier shows. Apple signed a deal for a series made by M. Night Shyamalan about a couple who lose a young child.

Before saying yes to that psychological thriller, Apple executives had a request: Please eliminate the crucifixes in the couple’s house, said people working on the project. They said executives made clear they didn’t want shows that venture into religious subjects or politics. Mr. Shyamalan wasn’t available for comment.

Tim Cook does not want to taint Apple’s pristine image by releasing shows with offensive or graphical content that may not appeal to a certain set of audience. This move is unlike that of Netflix whose shows are known to have bold and edgy storylines, sexual acts, and politically inclined content.

This has also led to some creative differences inside Apple, with the showrunner of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston drama being replaced. A similar story played out for the ‘Amazing Stories’ where the original team was replaced because they envisioned a dark show which Apple did not want.

[Via WSJ]