You Can Now Use Google Maps With Apple CarPlay

Mazda is finally rolling out CarPlay

Up until recently, if you wanted to use Apple CarPlay and a navigation app, you had to use Apple Maps. But Apple finally changed that with the launch of iOS 12.

The recent software update, which was launched to the public earlier this week, allows for third-party navigation apps to be used with CarPlay. While there are other options out there, the obvious go-to destination app for many people is going to be Google Maps. And with the release of iOS 12 and the latest update to the Google Maps app, that support is finally here.

The update to Google Maps brings the version to 5.0 and it’s available to download and install on supported devices as of the time of publication. You can find a direct link to the app at the bottom of this article if you don’t already have it installed. Once the app is updated or installed, users will be able to sync their navigational data to the vehicle’s display. There is a button to activate voice controls, but you still can’t use Siri to control Google Maps directly.

For those wondering, Waze has also confirmed it will be bringing CarPlay support to its app at some point in the near future, but no word on when that app’s update will arrive.

Google Maps navigational support in CarPlay has been a long time coming, and it’s more than likely a welcomed addition. A recent survey showed that while folks like Apple’s CarPlay for their infotainment needs in a vehicle, at least over Google’s Android Auto, they still prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps. So this change should be a nice one.

Our Take

I still try to use Apple Maps as often as I can, especially for brand new destinations. Using the Apple Watch to get a buzz notification for when it’s time to turn or upon reaching a destination is a very nice feature. Still, Google Maps is the better service all-in-all, so it’s good to see it finally arriving for CarPlay.


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