Apple Highlights iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Reviews in Its Own Review Roundup

iPhone XS Max Reviews

The first batch of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reviews went live earlier today. While the reviews praised the devices, they did raise the point of the iPhone XS series not being worth the money and highlighted how the camera is still not as good as the Pixel 2. Nonetheless, Apple has now sent out a press release highlighting the good parts about the iPhone XS from the reviews that went live.

Apple highlights the best parts about the iPhone XS from the reviews in its press release from different publications.

“The improved camera hardware combined with a new automatic ‘Smart HDR’ technology, powered again by the Neural Engine and the A12 Bionic’s ISP (image signal processor), mean you get the best of both the advanced camera optics and computational photography.”

The New York Times
“Apple did a terrific job of increasing screen size without adding bulk or compromising the usability of the [iPhone] XS Max. … These changes amounted to meaningful improvements in ergonomics and overall convenience.”

Daring Fireball
“iPhones can’t compete with big dedicated cameras in lens or sensor quality. It’s not even close. The laws of physics prevent it. But those traditional camera companies can’t compete with Apple in custom silicon or software, and their cameras can’t compete with iPhones in terms of always-in-your-pocket convenience and always-on internet connectivity for sharing. In the long run, the smart money is to bet on silicon and software.”

Apple is obviously biased here so make sure to check out our iPhone XS review roundup to get a complete picture of what all publications have to say about the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

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