Kuo: Apple Will Not Use 3D Sensing Rear Camera on 2019 iPhones

iPhone X Camera

There have been multiple rumors of Apple looking to use TrueDepth sensing camera at the rear for its 2019 iPhones. However, reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that this is unlikely to happen.

The analyst notes that existing dual-camera solutions in the market which feature 3D depth sensing are simply not good enough to offer the AR experience Apple is looking to deliver. He also believes that for the AR experience Apple wants, 5G, AR glasses, and a more powerful Apple Maps database with appropriate depth and distance information are also required.

Further, Kuo believes that 3D sensing cameras will not bring about any noticeable improvement in image quality which is another major deterrent for Apple to adopt them. This is primarily because Apple’s existing dual-camera setup can already simulate and offer enough distance/depth information that is required for capturing photos.

Our Take

Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup is a year away from its official unveiling which means they are still under development where things can change any moment. Plus Apple’s first foray into AR with ARKit apps has not really become as popular it would have probably hoped for. So, it makes sense for the company to wait for the ecosystem to develop before using 3D sensing rear cameras on iPhones.