Apple Promotes Positive Reviews for the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple does its own review roundup for the Apple Watch Series 4

Early on Wednesday the reviews for Apple’s newest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 4, went live (along with the first unboxing on video). It’s safe to say that the smartwatch has earned almost universal praise, thanks to the larger display, better battery life, and improved health-related features.

While we already put together our own review round-up for the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has gone ahead and put one of its own together as well. As expected, it’s all glowing accolades for the newest smartwatch, with publications saying things like the new device is “achingly beautiful”, and that the device is a “health and fitness game changer”. Apple did its own review round-up for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as well.

Here are just a few of those tidbits, with links to the full reviews as well if you need any more convincing to buy Apple’s newest smartwatch:

The New York Times

“The new Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most significant developments in wearable gadgets in years.”

Women’s Health

“The new Apple Watch health and fitness features make it a powerful device for your overall well-being. That’s because game-changing bells and whistles have elevated the Apple Watch Series 4 from an investment-worthy health accessory to a sleek and beautiful device that actually might save your life.”


“It’s cohesive, it’s ambitious, and it might just encourage you to reshape your habits and behaviors for the better. If you still haven’t given the Apple Watch a shot and you’ve been waiting for the right moment, this is that moment. Go for it.”


“Apple has also introduced a glitzy new color, gold-toned stainless steel, which pairs perfectly with the new iPhone XS, for those who like to keep their accessories in line.”

And, finally:

Wearable (UK)

“The ease and availability of cellular, the accuracy and usefulness of its heart rate monitor and the breadth of its fitness ecosystem — these are the areas that have left rivals in its dust. Add Apple Pay, SOS, fall detection, the heart rate alerts — it’s incredible to think that the Apple Watch Series 4 will, undoubtedly, save at least one person’s life.”

There are others, including reviews from MobileSyrup, Best Health in Canada, Vogue Australia, and others. If you want to check out the full review round-up, just click through the source link below.

Did you preorder the Apple Watch Series 4? Or did you wait for reviews before you made your decision?

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