Apple Releases tvOS 12.0.1 for Fourth- and Fifth-Generation Apple TV

Following on the heels of Apple releasing the latest update to macOS, the company is also releasing a minor software update for the fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV.

On Monday Apple released tvOS 12.0.1, which is built specifically for the fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV set-top boxes. This latest software release arrives just one week after Apple released tvOS 12 to the public, which was a bigger update in comparison. That software update added Dolby Atmos support for improved audio quality for supported content, zero sign-on, and new Aerials background images.

The tvOS 12.0.1 update, meanwhile, is minor in comparison. At the time of publication it is not known what changes or additions Apple has made, but it is likely that the update is designed specifically to address any issues that were discovered in tvOS 12 after its public launch last week. However, if it is discovered that any major changes were added with tvOS 12.0.1, we will update this post accordingly.

Today, Apple officially released tvOS 12 into the wild. The software is available to download and install now. To get the new software on your set-top box, owners simply need to go into the Settings app and follow the onscreen instructions. Alternatively, for owners who have automatic downloads turned on the new software will handle the download and install process on its own in the background.

The new software is available to download and install right now.