Apple Watch Series 4 Hands-On Roundup: Bigger Display Makes for Better Complications

Apple introduced three new iPhones this year, but one of the biggest announcements the company had was the unveiling of its newest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 4.

The wearable follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, but changes things in important ways — including adding a bigger display, thanks to minimized bezels. The new device also features a redesigned Digital Crown, which now includes haptic feedback. The focus on health is definitely strong this year, as it has been in previous years, with the company adding new features, like a low heart rate alert, and the ability to conduct an electrocardiogram (ECG) test.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is outfitted with a 64-bit processor under the hood, slightly thinner body overall, and it works with the previous Watch bands for good measure.

So, here’s a brief round-up of hands-on time that some publications were able to get with Apple’s new Series 4 wearable.

The Verge

“Apple Watch Series 4 will also screen your heart rhythm for irregularities that appear to be atrial fibrillation, and it will send you alerts to go for a checkup. Apple has gone a step further, though, thanks to the ability to take an electrocardiogram (EKG). Apple’s latest Watch will be the first EKG product offered over the counter directly to consumers, and you can simply open an app and put your finger on the digital crown to trigger the EKG scan.”

TechCrunch's hands-on time with the Apple Watch Series 4


“The back of the device looks a bit different, as well. That comes courtesy of the electrocardiogram. That bit got what was easily the biggest applause line of the Watch announcement. People didn’t have to wait for Apple to break that one down. The new sensor makes it possible to detect heart rhythm, in addition to rate. That’s going to be a big thing for users with certain heart diseases.

It’s also the latest indication of Apple’s ongoing focus on health in addition to fitness. Ditto for improvements to the gyroscope and accelerometer, which make it possible for the watch to detect falls and send out an emergency alert accordingly.”

SlashGear goes hands-on with the Apple Watch Series 4


“ECG measurement, too, could be a game-changer. Apple isn’t actually the first company to deliver it in a consumer product, but it’ll probably be responsible for popularizing the technology among everyday users. The number of actual health problems it spots is likely to be significantly overshadowed by the number of hypochondriacs it reassures on a daily (or maybe hourly) basis.”

Apple Watch Series 4 hands-on with Mashable


“Also, the Digital Crown is now more than just a dial for scrolling. Place your finger on it and the Apple Watch can take an electrocardiogram (ECG), which you can then provide to your doctor. It can detect if you’ve fallen and then call for emergency assistance.”

Engadget's hands-on time with the Apple Watch Series 4


“All told, though, we’re looking at a series of iterative changes, inside and out, with the main exception being that built-in ECG test. I’d even go as far as to declare this a boring update, though in a way, it doesn’t matter. Apple already claims that the Apple Watch is the No. 1 watch of any kind, smart or not. The new model doesn’t need to be a leap forward. It needs to be just as good or slightly better. Assuming that’s true, something tells me Apple is in for another strong holiday season, regardless of how impressed we reviewers are.”

So, did Apple win you over with the Apple Watch Series 4? Is this your next wearable?