Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection Feature Put To Test

Apple Watch Series 4 Featured

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 4 alongside the iPhone XS, it made quite a bit of noise about the wearable’s new fall detection feature. The company claimed that the fall detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 will automatically detect a fall and call their emergency contact if they did not move in an hour. 

Apple said it accurately measures fall on the Apple Watch Series 4 using a new gyroscope and accelerometer which can measure 32G of force. So, how good is the Apple Watch’s fall detection? As the folks over at What’s Inside show in their latest video, it is actually pretty darn good.

Despite multiple efforts of trying to trigger fall detection by falling on a trampoline which was pretty close to how one would fall in real-life, the team was unsuccessful. It was only at the end when the What’s Inside team actually fell pretty hard on the floor that they were able to trigger fall detection on the Apple Watch Series 4. Ultimately, it looks like the fall detection mode on the Apple Watch Series 4 can only be triggered (falsely) when one bangs their hand pretty hard on the ground.

The video does provide some interesting insights as to how the feature works. Firstly, it needs to be enabled from within the Watch app on your iPhone. Secondly, the feature takes around 10-15 seconds to trigger. It will not instantly trigger itself after detecting a fall.

After detecting a fall, the watch gives users the option of either confirming that they are ok, they did not fall, or make an emergency SOS call.

The team also goes ahead and destroys a couple of Apple Watch Series 4 units to reveal their internals. If that fascinates you, make sure to watch the video embedded above in full.

What do you think about the Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection feature based on the above video?