Apple Watch Series 4 Gaining Compal as Second Manufacturer to Meet Strong Demand

Apple Watch 4

Due to better than expected demand for the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple will be adding Taiwanese manufacturer Compal Electronics as a secondary supplier of the wearable starting from November.

The addition of Compal will help reduce the load on Quanta Computer which is currently working on assembling the Apple Watch Series 4. The latter is already working at its full load and is still unable to meet the demand for the wearable whose demand has surpassed expectations.

By adding a second supplier in November, Apple hopes to improve the Apple Watch Series 4 availability ahead of the key holiday season where the wearable is expected to sell like hotcakes. For the last two years, the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 have managed to set a sales record for Apple in the final quarter of their launch year. Given the massive redesign and features the Apple Watch Series 4 brings to the table, the Apple Watch Series 4 is easily expected to fare better than its predecessors.

The strong demand for the Apple Watch Series 4 has led many analysts to raise their shipment expectations for the wearable. It is now expected that Apple will ship around 18.5 million to 19.5 million units of the Apple Watch this year.

The Apple Watch Series 4 features an edge-to-edge display, a slimmer chassis, and features like ECG and haptic feedback for the Digital Crown. The redesign has been cited as big as the iPhone 5 redesign from back in the day as it makes the wearable look pretty from both inside and out.

[Via DigiTimes]