Apple Wins Appeal Over Patent Infringement Against University of Wisconsin

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Some of the cases Apple is involved with, especially related to patent infringement, take years to complete. And that’s the case with this particular one.

Back in 2015, Apple was ordered to pay millions of dollars to the University of Wisconsin, as the university was able to plead its case that Apple’s A-series chips (the A7 and A8, specifically in this case) infringed on a method of boosting the efficiency of integrated circuits. Apple, of course, appealed, and things have been a bit topsy-turvy ever since.

The bill Apple was facing was originally set at $862 million. After that, a subsequent judge considered the valuation of that determination and reduced the payout from Apple’s end, down to $234 million. The determination was that Apple’s infringement of the patents was ruled inadvertent. However, most recently, it was determined that Apple continued to infringe on the patents after taht ruling and therefore Apple was ruled to pay $506 million.

Apple, still appealing, was determined to get that amount of money reduced or vacated altogether. Apple argued that the judgements were “fraught with error”.

Now, Reuters is reporting that Apple has “persuaded” a federal appeals court to throw out the $234 million decision against the company:

“Apple Inc persuaded a federal appeals court on Friday to throw out a $234 million damages award in favor of the University of Wisconsin’s patent licensing arm for infringing the school’s patent on computer processing technology.

The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. said no reasonable juror could have found that Apple’s processors infringed the patent, based on evidence presented during the liability phase of the 2015 trial.”

So, a win for Apple! Only took three years!

[via Reuters]