Some of The Best Third-Party Apps Using Siri Shortcuts

Shortcuts app in iOS 12

Earlier today, Apple officially released iOS 12 into the wild. With the new software comes plenty of new features, including Siri Shortcuts.

Siri Shortcuts means that iOS 12 users can use just their voice, and Siri, to handle specific functions within Apple’s own primary apps, as well as a variety of different third-party options. That means you can use some apps to tell Siri to snap a photo, or take a note. With so many options out there, we chose a few to be aware of as of day one. Of course, there will be plenty of additional options in the days and weeks ahead, so keep an eye out if your favorite apps add support down the road as well.


Using a voice control to quickly snap a photo is pretty straightforward, and now, thanks to Siri Shortcuts, you can achieve that goal. What’s better is that Halide, one of the best camera apps available on the App Store, now supports the feature as well. They showed off the feature in a tweet today, which you can check out below.

Carrot Weather

If you want to use your voice to check the weather through the popular Carrot app, the developers now include 18 different voice control options to do just that. You’ll be able to check the weather for the seven-day forecast if you are interested.


When it comes to task managers, Trello is one of the better options. Now, with Siri Shortcuts, users can quickly see their individual cards and boards. It should make keeping tabs on your to-do lists a bit more fun, if nothing else.

Sky Guide

The idea behind Siri Shortcuts is the need to not directly open an app to get something done, before you can do it. So, for instance, you can now use Siri to quickly identify a star, planet, or other celestial body just by asking Siri to identify it. You’ll need to have the Sky Guide app on your phone as well, which you can accomplish by using the link just above (if you don’t already have it).


If you use Pandora for your streaming music platform, the app now supports custom phrases to launch a specific artist, playlist, or an album if you prefer.


With Siri Shortcuts, the popular note-taking app will let users quickly crate new notes on the fly. What’s more, users can now also use Siri to search through their notes and find what they’re looking for.


If you use this travel planning app, you can ask Siri to show you your flight details and upcoming plan details.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg at this point, but it’s a good place to start. If you have any other suggestions for apps that use Siri Shortcuts, let everyone know in the comments!