Concept Video Envisions 6.1-inch LCD iPhone XC in Multiple Colors

We have already seen plenty of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max concept photos and videos. Now, a new concept video envisions the iPhone XC, the 6.1-inch budget LCD iPhone which Apple plans on launching alongside its two OLED iPhones.

The concept envisions the LCD iPhone in Red, Cobalt, White, Spicy Orange, Black, and Blue colors. Apple is expected to launch this budget iPhone in multiple colors to better cater to youngsters.

The LCD iPhone will feature the same design language as its OLED siblings. However, since it will make use of a 6.1-inch LCD display, it will have slightly larger bezels. The handset will share the same internals as other two iPhones, though it will feature 3GB RAM and a single camera setup at its rear to keep its price down. Similar to the iPhone X, the iPhone XC/Xr will lack Touch ID and instead rely solely on Face ID.

The handset is expected to carry a price tag of $699 and it will be the cheapest in Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup.

Are you excited about this 6.1-inch LCD iPhone? Or its the more expensive iPhone Xs that has caught your fancy?